Apple, in its latest iOS 9, has tried to do the same thing it did with the new OS X El Capitan Edition; it focused mainly on speed, stability and performance optimization rather than introducing new features.

When Apple introduced iOS 8, they changed the user interface and brought many new features with it. Of course, everyone welcomed the new material, but there was a lot of discussion and complaints about the fact that Apple iOS 8 did not offer fluid and smooth operation – something Apple is actually known for.

Apple iOS9

iPhone users who have older devices complain about iOS 8 because it makes their phones slower. It is this fear that has led to the slower adoption rate of the new iOS, with millions still sticking to the earlier version. However, the good news is that Apple has now focused on fixing these problems and has addressed all the stability and performance bugs with the huge overhaul of iOS 9.

However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be new features at all. Here are some major new features and updates that iOS 9 brings to you:

Split Screen and Multitasking – The split screen feature can be activated by simply swiping from the side, which is called the ‘Slide Over’. You will be able to scroll and work simultaneously in both screens.

iOS 9 Splitscreen

Improved Siri – Siri will give you a wider range of answers and respond even faster.

Proactive Assistant – This is one of the newest things to come with the iOS 9. This app is great at managing stuff – it can play music in the morning if it knows you run at that time, it can search for books, it can show you photos from specific dates, etc.

Apple Pay – This feature was expected for a long time and is finally available. With this, you can buy tickets for a basketball game, order a pizza or shop online at any platform that supports Apple Pay.

Notes App – You can make notes, create checklists and save them in the form of pictures or even videos.

Apple Maps – Except for improvements in Maps, the newest feature is the public transit option that allows you to ask Siri for the closest Metro, train timings, etc.

News App – The updated version of the News App will be more personalized, showing you articles you want to read the most.

Apple iOS 9 will be released today and it comes straight from the box in the newest versions of iPhone and iPad.