A lot of people are satisfied with their PCs running just one operating system. However, many people like to experience the different version of Windows at different times. A user will love the simplicity of Windows 7 but might also like to work with the modern and fluid look of the latest Windows 10. Also, many users like to try out new versions of Windows before completely replacing the older Windows version with it. That’s where dual boot comes to your help.

windows 10 dual boot

What is Dual Boot?

Dual boot basically means that you can run two versions of Windows on your desktop PC or laptop at the same time and can use whichever you want. You can use Windows 7 or 8 and Windows 10 on the same PC as per your choice. Windows has been designed to support dual-booting smoothly, and you can create a dual-boot system very easily. We have outlined the steps below on how to create the dual boot with Windows 10 and Windows 7. You can also use this process to dual boot Windows 8/8.1 with Windows 10.

How to Run Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10 on the Same PC at the Same Time

You will need to do some preparation before we begin the actual process. You will need a copy of the Windows version you want to install beside the existing version. You need to download Windows ISO file and need to make a bootable CD or USB drive using the Microsoft Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

Also, make sure your data is backed up. If something goes wrong, your files will be safe. So always make it a habit to back up all your files when installing an OS.

Now follow the steps given below to create dual boot system and use Windows 10 and Windows 7/8 on one PC at the same time.

1. Create New Partition on Hard Drive

You will need to make a new partition on your hard drive by using the Windows Disk Management Utility. The new OS will be installed on this new drive, and Windows 10 needs 20-25GB of space.

  • Press the Windows key and R key together and type diskmgmt.msc in the box that opens up and press enter.
  • Now select the primary partition, which is usually the (C:) drive. Right-click on it and select Shrink Volume.
  • Enter the amount of space for the new partition. To create 30GB that we advise, you need to enter 30000 and then click on Shrink. Space for the new OS is now created.

2. Install Windows 10

  • Insert the bootable DVD or USB drive that contains the new Windows version on your computer.
  • Now reboot your computer and the installation screen should come up right away. If not, then you need to change BIOS settings in order to set USB drive or DVD drive as the first boot device. Just Google it, it’s very easy.
  • Once you have done so and the installation process has started, select the Custom option.
  • You will be asked, “Where do you want to install Windows?” You will see one option labeled Unallocated Space, and it should be 30GB. Select it and click on Apply, and then create Next.
  • The installation will start and once it is completed, you can reboot your machine and you will get the option to choose between two different Windows versions.

A great thing about dual boot is that you will be able to access your files from either of the two OSs. So go ahead and use two Windows versions on one PC at the same time.


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