If you have been following the news lately, you will agree that the VR (virtual reality) market is growing at a rapid space and is probably going to be the highlight of 2016. Thanks to affordable VR headsets being released for smartphones, a whole new VR revolution has started and VR content creators are at their best. Well, a California-based startup called Wevr has raised over $25 million from strategic investors and is on its way to create the YouTube of Virtual Reality.

wevr transport

The service is called Wevr Transport and it is in a private beta phase right now. It will be an online VR content network where content creators will be able to publish VR videos and users will be able to view them. The site will offer free and paid content and there will obviously be a smartphone app for it too. Any VR headset including the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, etc. will work with the service.

Wevr also got four of its VR experiences selected at the Sundance Film Festival 2016, which tells us that the service has got massive potential in it. Wevr has also worked with quite a few Hollywood studios for VR projects. As more than 5 million Google Cardboards have been sold and more VR headsets will be seen getting released this year, Wevr has already got a nice platform and it’s only a matter of launching this service; success is more-or-less guaranteed.

And for creators, there will be monetization too, so Wevr really is going the YouTube way. Initially, the demand for VR content will be higher than the supply, so it’s a start of a new era, and those who jump in early can gain a lot from this.


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