Google Maps takes you around the world by giving you directions and other contextual information like hotels, fuel pumps, airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc. However, what if a human touch was added to such an app? The Waze app works exactly like that. Real people like you share traffic information so that others can avoid road closures, police traps, etc. so as to save time. Waze can be said to be a social media maps app.

waze app download for android

Waze already has got lots of features, but the developers are still working hard to bring new functionalities to the app and to make it smoother. A new Waze (1020891) has been released today for Android 4.0 and above. The 42.72 MB app is free to download. This new update is an alpha release, meaning that a beta is still to come. The update comes with an entirely new design and a lot of issues have been resolved.

Issues like missing map bubbles while long-tapping on a segment, no map displayed when “see yourself on the map” option is chosen, ”add closure” doesn’t work, and other loads of bugs have been fixed. Some new features like a speedometer and an option to add residential places will be added in the upcoming versions as promised by the developer.

You can download the Waze APK update from mirror sites like Do remember that this is an early alpha update, and even though it fixes a lot of bugs, it might introduce new bugs. So make sure you install this carefully and uninstall it from your device if it goes haywire.


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