Vikings season 4 episode 15 was released a few days ago and the episode without any doubt, left fans speechless. With its release, fans are now looking forward to what will happen next.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 16

Vikings Season 4 Episode 16 Spoilers

Vikings season 4 episode 16 is currently said to focus on Ragnar’s son, Bjorn. Bjorn is currently on his way to Mediterranean, and there have been no problems for him on his journey so far. However, it now seems that his journey won’t remain smooth for long as some people are trying to get rid of him.

Floki, Halfdan and Harald Plan To Kill Bjorn 

A promo clip of Vikings season 4 episode 16 was released a few days ago, which gives fans a glimpse at what they can expect to see in the next episode of Vikings. In it, Floki, Halfdan, and Harald are seen planning to end the life of Bjorn first before laying their hands on the other people. This means that a plan to end Ragnar’s legacy is being made, which will be done by killing Bjorn.

Lagertha To Die Next In Vikings Season 4? 

Avid fans of the series know that the core characters of the series are meeting their demise one after another, and it now seems that Lagertha is next on the list. The writer of the series, Hirst previously stated that Vikings are fond of seeking revenge and Ivar currently has a lot to avenge for. So now, before he visits Ecbert and Aelle, Ivar has decided to challenge Lagertha to a battle so he can take control of Kattegat. Fans are now wondering which of the two will go down during their battle.

Currently, fans believe that Ivar is going to stay alive in the next few episodes because of the fact that he is currently trying to avenge the death of his father and become one of the greatest Vikings out there. Lagertha, on the other hand, is not scared of dying. She will battle Ivar with all her might, but if she gets defeated by him, she will gladly accept it.

Vikings season 4 episode 16 will be released today, on January 5, 2017, at 9 PM EST. You can was the episode live here [Link is not live now].


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