The E3 2016 game expo is fast approaching, with all the major developers in the gaming industry getting ready to showcase their plans for this year. Of course, the developers need to build up the excitement around their most-awaited titles, and fans need to be given a glimpse of what they are about to experience next.

Well, Ubisoft has gone ahead and released the teaser trailer of Watch Dogs 2 (given below) on its official YouTube channel just around 12 hours back. The company announced that the World Premiere for the game will go live on the official website on 8th June, that’s tomorrow, at 6 PM CEST, that’s 4 PM GMT and 11 AM CDT/CST.

As seen in the new Watch Dogs 2 teaser trailer, the protagonist is holding a smartphone in his hand and is able to control digital networks. This gives us a hint that the smartphone will be an important part of the game and will be a very useful weapon against the enemies.

The official Watch Dogs website is now showing the teaser video as the site’s background with a countdown timer running in the foreground, displaying the time left for the world premiere to be unveiled. Are you excited?


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