Here’s the steps you should take to get the Platinum trophy in Watch Dogs 2. There is 50 trophies total, estimated difficulty is 3/10. Side operations are triggered by interacting with the black operational intel seen on your map.

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How to get the Platinium Trophy in Watch Dogs 2

You need to get all the achievements to unlock the platinum trophy for Watch Dogs 2. Graduation Day – Win every trophy. Who Am I – Erase your past identity in the Blume servers. Put Your Damn Pants On – Buy some pants after the party. Menace – Buy a two-handed weapon at the 3D printer. In Style – Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear. DeadSec-A-Roni – Ride a cable car. Only God Can Judge Me – Buy a shirt in the Nudle vending machine.

We feel like this game did an amazing job with bettering itself from the original and while we didn’t enjoy as much as we should have, it has lots of playtime with a wealth of story and side missions. Unlike the first game, it has a bright kind of spunky attitude that the first game didn’t have. We mean Aiden Pierce, while an interesting character, was a Batman reject filled with too much vengeance. While they improved the character, we believe that the character should’ve been flushed out. If you’re planning on buying it, we would say hold off and possibly wait for a price drop.

Don’t get us wrong. The game is fantastic by far but we encountered a few glitches and problems like Cringe millennial dialogue, dumb AI, worse driving than WD1, empty city, awful draw distance, story and characters that really don’t know what it wants to be. Pew pew shooting, bad car damage. and other problems. We don’t think that this game should be rated a 9, maybe an eight and a half, but that’s it.


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