The makers of Watch Dogs 2 released a new update patch 1.11 last week. The Shuffler Quest was the main part of that patch. The Shuffler Quest baffled the entirety of players worldwide because of its hidden nature and so limited clues about it. Ubisoft has said to be released this patch to make the players ready for the upcoming DLC pack. According to a statement by EpicStreamMan for Kotaku, “We started hearing rumblings of weird text conversations between the NPCs.” Apparently, this was about the in-game NPCs (Four teenage boys who called themselves “Shuffler Hunters”).

The boys went missing and a local radio reported the incident. Watch Dog’s tumbler account further twisted the matter when they said: “A mystery was Bubbling.” This particular post of Watch Dogs refers to “The Shuffler” himself. The Shuffler is an urban Legend in the game and it is speculated that anybody who knows anything about the Shuffler, loses his/her mind. Later on, another post by Watch Dogs confirmed that “The Shuffler” is real.

The Investigation

Upon investigating about “The Shuffler”, Watch Dogs 2 fans discovered that all the teenage boys went in the total AWOL zone. Upon further investigation on February 15, 2017, they found out some more clues. These clues were the instances of Devilish Graffiti in red color. The players also reported of hearing strange voices of the missing boys. Several other clues were also found near the graffiti about the missing boys. After this, there is a complete silence and players across the globe are waiting for Watch Dogs to release some other clues.

This surprise quest is making round on every major community site on the Internet. It has actually poured in some good vibes for all the good mystery fans around the globe. As a generalized effect on the worldwide audience, it surely is an unexpected twist in the Watch Dogs 2 story. Now, players are more involved in the game than ever before. They are listening to the In-game radio channels, checking every corner for clues, and are trying hard to dig into the game’s code for answers.

As compared to last September’s (game’s First) ARG, let’s see how much time players need to get into the roots of this Mystery. If you are a patient Watch Dogs fan, you can also wait until the DLC is released. Maybe that will be the time when you’ll be able to get some clues. Who knows.

Follow Up

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If you have any clues about the missing teenage boys and you want to share with us, do leave your valued feedback in comments. As the curious gamers, we’ll love to get a bit closer to solving this mystery too.