Watch Dogs 2’s version of San Francisco contains a handful of fun easter eggs, like a small nod to the Assassin’s Creed movie found at Ubisoft’s San Francisco headquarters. But what if the two posters are references to an upcoming game Ubisoft’s going to make? By that, we mean it happened before when we saw an easter egg for fallout 4 before it came out as a game. From the same company, there was a vault which refers to a vault found in fallout 4.

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Does this Watch Dogs 2 easter egg mean we might get an Assassin’s Creed game announcement soon?

Watch Dogs 2 in the same universe as Assassin’s Creed. There are subtle hints that they are both part of a bigger world. However, Ubisoft has confirmed they are NOT linked canonically. When you hack the ctOS system for some place, there is a recording of a child and a man playing Assassin’s Creed. Our thought is that Abstergo is making the Assassin’s Creed games and we are helping them make it.

We are excited for Watchdogs 2 for many reasons. Players loved the freedom that it gave them and the absolute joy they had playing it. Now We feel like Ubisoft has created something for everyone, every player, and every gamer. We couldn’t be more excited for a game that brings us back to the sweet old days where everything is your weapon. To manipulate a whole city and to have the tools and the freedom to do whatever your heart desires, how can it get better than that? Watchdogs 2 may be the answer to some of those who were unsatisfied with the previous game.

Another reason we’re excited for the game is Marcus Holloway. We like him much better than Aiden Pearce obviously because he isn’t as bland but he has a MUCH better fashion sense than Aiden Pearce. We’re pretty sure we can all agree on that. Another reason is the music, a lot of people like hip-hop a lot more than that weird underground indie sort of music in watch dogs 1.


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