Watch Dogs 2 is one of Ubisoft’s biggest games for 2016, and there’s every reason to be excited about it. Here, we give you 5 such reasons to visit the virtual hacking paradise of San Francisco. The first game was an experimental release and though it didn’t hit the exact chord with everyone, it was an innovative game nonetheless. However, the sequel is mind-blowing and we explain to you how.

watch dogs 2
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You are no longer a lone wolf in Watch Dogs 2

The original’s Aiden Pierce was a more of a lone wolf and a stuck-up snob. However, the new protagonist is the complete opposite and that’s what makes him more awesome. He is the young and hip millennial destined to take down corrupt corporations, someone like an anarchohacktivist. This time you will be working with DeadSec rather than against it.

It’s all rainbows and sunshines this time

Finally, a hacking game that doesn’t feel like a Max Payne rip-off. Getting revenge for a murdered family member is cliched and depressing and that’s why the story in the original didn’t tick with us. Bt this time it’s all about taking down the big bad wolf using clever hacking tricks and having fun while you’re at it.

You use a 3D printer to print guns

How cool is that? Seriously, this game would drive sales of 3D printers through the roof upon release. And the world of Watch Dogs 2 makes sense to have a method of acquiring weapons that can’t be traced via conventional methods.

Tons of more freedom

Literally the 4th of July in this game. Everything from hacking Taco trucks and running them over pedestrians to driving around people in Uber while shooting cops is at your disposal.

Watch Dog 2’s San Francisco is way better than Chicago

The new location is far more enthralling than the original game’s location. It has personality and distinct areas that boost scenery.


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