It’s been a while since we got a game announcement, particularly related to the post-apocalypse RPG genre. We now know that Wasteland 3 is going to come out and it will arrive on all platforms. Yes that means PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So, what changes can we expect from the crowdfunded RPG? We give you our thoughts on some of the changes that will be happening in the game.

wasteland 3
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Wasteland 3 will have a multiplayer

The big new feature is a story driven synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer. You and your friend will each have their own squad of Rangers. If you’re worried that multiplayer might take up too much room, then don’t. The core of the game, which is single-player, will be up for offer in full and will be the main focus of the game. However, if you play with a friend, you can share missions and cover more ground. You can still continue the game on your own if your friend is offline.


Game will be set in Colorado and there’s going to be a revamped dialogue tree system. You will begin the game as a sole survivor of Team November, a Ranger Squad. Now, in Colorado, no one’s ever heard of the Rangers. So, you’ll have to build up your reputation from scratch.


Your characters will use an upgradable vehicle for travel. You can use it to store goods, explore and survive as well as use it for cover in combat.


So what is inExile doing with the graphics? Well, Brian Fargo said the game already looks light years ahead of Wasteland 2. There’s an entirely new engine. The other thing is that it’s great for conversations. The camera will zoom down to focus on the conversation and make it look similar to having conversations in RPGs like Fallout 4 and Mass Effect. Expect a lot of times where you will be taken away from the isometric view, kind of like in XCOM.

Randomly join and disrupt other people’s games

Kind of like Watch Dogs or Dark Souls where a player can invade someone else’s game and wreck havoc. You have the option to disconnect from the multiplayer entirely.

Let us know what you think of Wasteland 3.


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