The Walking Dead season 7 concluded in April 2017 and fans of the hit horror series have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive since then. Although the majority of fans already knew that the next season will arrive at the end of this year, but they were still waiting to know the exact release date. And now, they will be glad to know that AMC has finally confirmed the release date of The Walking Dead season 8.

The Walking Dead Season 8

As we all know, on July 15, 2017, stuntman John Bernecker died on the set of The Walking Dead season 8 because of an accident. It was without any doubt, a really hard time for the cast and crew of the show and the filming was even put on a break. Because of this, many fans started wondering that the next season will get delayed a little because of this sudden incident. However, the filming resumed on Monday, July 17, and AMC has now even confirmed the release date for the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Date Announced 

According to AMC, The Walking Dead season 8 is going to premiere on October 22, 2017. The release date was announced on the official website of The Walking Dead, where the next season is listed for an October 22, 2017, release. To get fans hyped up for the upcoming season, AMC has also released a new poster for season 8, which basically gives fans an idea of what they are going to see in the next season of their favorite show.

The Walking Dead Season 8 New Poster 

The poster features Rick and Negan, both on each side, facing off each other. Behind them are some of the show’s main characters, including members of different communities. The poster basically features the all-out way between Negan and Rick. For those who don’t know, the poster resembles the cover of The Walking Dead issue #120. You can have a look at the new poster of The Walking Dead season 8 below, and see what we’re talking about.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date

The Walking Dead season 8 is currently scheduled to arrive on October 22, 2017. The next season is currently said to be better than the previous season in every way as in it, Rick and his comrades are going to make Negan pay for all the suffering he has caused.

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