The seventh season of the critically acclaimed American horror-drama series, The Walking Dead was recently targeted by many controversial topics. This is because the first half of The Walking Dead season 7 featured the deaths of some of the most important and fan favorite characters from the first season of the show, and fans are now complaining that the story has gone too far. However, the actor who plays the role of Rick Grimes in the series, Andrew Lincoln defended this during a recent interview.

The Walking Dead Season 7

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln shared how he and the rest of the crew feel about the current story. According to him, it was even painful for him while he was filming the first half of The Walking Dead season 7. When asked about the negative feedback fans have been giving regarding the seventh season of the show, Lincoln talked about how the show is trying to give its fans a brave, bold and challenging story.

Andrew Lincoln Talks About What Scott Gimple Wanted To Do 

According to Lincoln, the writer of the series, Scott Gimple wanted to give fans something more than just a war between Rick and Negan. What Scott actually wanted was to get fans into the story and make them feel how the characters felt. And by killing some of the most beloved characters was the best way to do that. Lincoln further stated that they knew not everyone will like the decisions made in the first half of The Walking Dead season 7 as they were not made according to everyone’s taste. According to him, sometimes, when you deliver a different, unique and challenging storyline, you will get different reactions from people. “You don’t to be negative, but if you’re endeavoring to make something different and unique and challenging and hopefully dangerous and new sometimes it might provoke different reactions from people,” Lincoln claimed.

Andrew Lincoln Stands By Everybody 

Lincoln further claimed that the show is what it is today only because of the writers and the directors, and all of the actors admire the brilliant work they have done so far. According to him, they have taken some really big risks, and have made the show one of the best ones out there. He said that he stands by everybody, including the writers and the directors.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Release Date

The first half of The Walking Dead season 7 ended in December 2017. The show will return with the ninth episode of the seventh season on February 12, 2017. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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