If you are a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series and also a fan of the comic books, here’s a sweet news for you. Season 7 of the show will have more comic book moments now that we have seen earlier in the series.

Greg Nicotero, director of the series, said during an interview that ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 will follow Robert Kirkman comic books a bit more closely now than before. Talking about how the comic book moments will be brought to life, he said, “There are some great moments from the comic books that we’re going to get a chance to experience. To me, it feels like we may be a little closer in nature to certain beats in the graphic novel than we have in the past, but that could just be my interpretation of it.”


This is a good announcement for people who love the comics and the show equally but were not happy with the series for not following the books. Creative liberties have indeed been taken by the makers of the show, and some major differences have been seen between the episodes and the source material. Take for instance Rick and Michonne, who are best friends in the comics and aren’t lovers as shown in the TV show. Also, the series showed Dr. Denise getting shot in the head with an arrow, but it was Abraham who took the shot in the comics. Lori and Judith died on the very same day, and Carol is dead. The list could keep going on.

But everything hasn’t been so grey, as various iconic moments from the comics have indeed been shown on the screen. The fight between Rick and Jessie’s husband seen in Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ was pulled from the comics directly. Carl losing his eye after getting shot was also in the comics.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered on 23rd October on AMC. Which of your favorite comic book events do you want to see in the show? Have you already spotted one in the first episode? Comment below.


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