The walking dead has been keeping up with zombies, viruses, exotic actions and actors who play more than they are paid for, i.e. excellence. When walking dead started, the continuation of the project was dicey, as the ratings were initially low, but with audience’s support and their love, the show continued and since then its rating has not looked back.

American Werewolf In London

So, the talk of the hour stays in favour of Walking Dead as we are here to discuss something exquisite that the show is going to introduce i.e. “Werewolf”. Yeah, you read it right, the show is planning to include a segment where two friends go on an endangered night and encounter a large wolf. As fate has it, one of the friends is bitten by the wolf and, consequently, dies, the other friend gets nightmares about it.  

David, who is the one receiving the nightmare concludes suicide as the only option. But when he tries to does it, incidentally on a full moon day, he turns into a beast. Andy Trapani who is the producer of the original “Werewolf” movie will be getting back with his original team and compiling this segment for The Walking Dead.

Speaking about the soundtrack of the movie, the song Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater’s Revival will be used in the series. Now that’s some awesome integration of highly capable people who were the creators of the supernatural flick.

The best part is, we get to see an original make of the werewolf in the series. Fans all over the world have started sharing their support and eagerness to watch the show. We will be updating the space for more information. Stay in touch.


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