In December last year, celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk, who’s at the helm of affairs in corporate giants such as SpaceX and Tesla, created quite a stir after hinting that he planned to dig underground tunnels that could be used to traffic.

Having made that remark via Twitter while stuck in traffic, Musk followed through his tunnel proposal with an announcement on Jan 25 stating that his team was experimenting how tunnels could be viably used to solve LA’s ever worsening traffic issues. While these announcements indeed seemed like Musk looking to solve real life problems using his financial and technological might — like he often does — some observers also believe that the tunnels could be actually an elaborate cover to Musk’s ultimate fallout shelter somewhere underneath the SpaceX facility.

Elon Musk building a fallout shelter at SpaceX

Sure, this looks like one of those stories that would perhaps require you to wear your tinfoil hat — we agree! However, there are a couple of aspects about Musk’s plan that seems a little odd, to say the least.

First of all, engineering changes associated with building such an extensive network of underground tunnels aside, Musk’s plan is likely to first go through a seemingly endless series of bureaucratic gridlock. After all, it is practically impossible to dig even one relatively simple tunnel under a city without first going through the usual safety assessments and other multi-layered regulatory requirements. Overall, the bureaucratic machine may even take years to finally wave the green flag at the projects.

And then, there are also those who emphasize on the point that if Musk is really keen on experimenting the viability of a tunnel network for redirecting traffic, he could have easily done it elsewhere — specifically, places where the regulatory barriers would be less rigid and the public would not have to bear with much inconvenience.

But no, Musk specifically opted for SpaceX’s backyard to get started with the digging process. At least that’s what we learned after seeing these images captured by Bloomberg. The choice of location has further fueled the speculations surrounding Musk building a fallout shelter.

Meanwhile, according to a BGR report, no tunnel has materialized so far even after the prolonged purported digging. All we can see so far is a huge hole in the ground.

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Note that all these speculations are still in the “dumb conspiracy theory” zone because there is absolutely zero evidence so far to backup them. However, we would also like to draw your attention to the fact that billionaire elites building notoriously secretive underground fallout shelters are not exactly that big a deal. In fact, it’s more of a well-reported reality.


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