In the past few years, we’ve seen some impressive remakes of classic games like GoldenEye 007 for NS64. The Unreal Engine 4 seems to stimulate young but creative game developers to remake some classics. However, Joseph Delgado took remaking classic games to the next level. We absolutely love what he did and encourage him to release the game in the near future.

The remake of Duck Hunt into a VR gaming environment might bring tears to your face and cause vivid childhood memory flashbacks. The young developer is studying computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His version of duck hunt supports full 360 gameplay, motion controlled firing and new game modes!

It took John quite some time to create his version of Duck Hunt and he even had to modify the equipment he used to make this project come to life. He is using the developer kit of the Oculus Rift in combination with a Razor Hydra motion controller. To keep everything running smoothly, John had to create a custom head mount for the motion controller. How do these two items work in combined? Well for starters the Oculus Rift lets him see the Duck Hunt world in 3D and the Hydra simulation controller simulates the gun (NES zapper).

As mentioned earlier, Joseph also added some depth to the game by adding game modes. The hunt in Joseph’s version of Duck Hunt the hunt lasts a total of 7 days. For each day there is a certain amount of ducks that have to be shot from mid air, miss a target and it’s game over. Another pretty cool feature is the small HUB world he has created with things items like, bottles, radios and TVs that can be shot.

Joseph plans to show this prototype at the Global Game Jam 2016, and he said he might as well release the game for free somewhere after the event. Of course, the game will need some extra tweaking before the public will play it but we here at MobiPicker are sure that won’t be a problem for the young creative.

Moreover, there are some more amazing remakes that are definitely worth checking out. We loved the GoldenEye 007, DOOM 3, Legend of Grimrock and Elite: Dangerous remakes. These nostalgic games are fun to play and for some will bring up childhood memories just like Joseph’s VR version of Duck Hunt does. Curious which games have already been remade? A simple youtube search will bring up more than enough examples. For all the developers out there, keep working on those classic remakes. We absolutely love them!


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