Samsung has announced something surprising earlier this month that Note Edge will be launched in Germany only if, they receive votes from 1,20,210 fans in support of releasing Note Edge.

Now, it was quite interesting to see, if Germany fans could get stylish Edgy Phablet in their hands.

Voting process took place from November 4th to November 10th. Since, voting results has been declared and in result, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be launched in Germany.

Samsung is releasing a “premium edition” of the Galaxy Note Edge. This will be available in Germany from late November until December 31. After that, only the regular Galaxy Note will be sold.

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You might be knowing, the Galaxy Note Edge is available to buy in Japan and South Korea, and will be launched in the US on November 14th. Samsung previously stated that only 1 million Note Edge units would be shipped around the world this year.