If you use the VLC Media Player on your Android device and prefer it over other players, you must know that a new update for the app has been released just yesterday. Tne new VLC APK update comes with version number 1.9.0, build number 1090004. The VLC 1.9.0 APK download file weighs 15.97 MB and works on Android 2.2 and above.

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The latest VLC APK v1.9.0 (v2.0 beta) comes lots of new features, including favourite URLs and folders, network disk browsing (NFS, SFTP, FTP, UPnP, Windows Shares…), video playlists, rewritten history, and rewritten controls and notifications. The update also merges Android versions with Android TV, so every device can get the Android TV interface as optional. And yes, the TV interface has undergone some nice improvement. Lastly, the new VLC APK download decodes faster and plays all types of video files.

The new VLC 1.9.0 update brings loads of new features, and it being a major update, you should download it immediately if you use VLC as your primary media player. However, do remember that this is a beta release, and the new features might be buggy. You might face crashes or slowness in the app, but that will soon be resolved by the stable release that is expected in a few days. You can download VLC 1.9.0 from APKTrunk.com.


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