Vkworld has something special lined up for its fans. Vkworld is creating Members Day for its loyal fans. The Members Day will be observed third Wednesday of every month. On Members Day, you get to purchase some smartphones for just $9.99! Isn’t that a great deal? It definitely is!


The 15th of March 2017 happens to be the third Wednesday of this month. This month, as part of Members Day deals, Vkworld is offering 4 smartphone models for just $9.99 on AliExpress. Check these out –

Diamond Z2

A flip phone with extremely loud speaker and a large keyboard. With unique features like elderly-friendly UI and SOS calling, the smartphone is being offered for just $9.99 as against the original price of $35.99!

Avail Members Day offer on Diamond Z2 here.

Stone V3 Plus

This smartphone is IP54 water-proof and dust-proof. Offers strong signal reception and comes with power bank function, in addition to BOX speaker. The original price of Stone V3 Plus is $32.99 but Vkworld is offering the phone for just $9.99 on Members Day.

Avail Members Day offer on Stone V3 Plus here.

Stone V3S

This smartphone has dual LED lights and supports multiple colors. With a solid metal frame and support for FM radio, the smartphone comes with low-temperature protection. Originally priced at $25.99, Vkworld is offering this smartphone for just $9.99 on Members Day.

Avail Members Day offer on Stone V3S here.

Stone V3 Max

Stone V3 Max is IP68 water-proof and dust-proof. Sporting Michelin rubber exterior and a whopping 5300mAh battery, the smartphone comes with power bank function and offers features like anti low-temperature. Stone V3 Max original price is $39.99 but is being offered for just $9.99 on Members Day.

Avail Members Day offer on Stone V3 Max here.

The first Members’ Day will start at 9:00(GMT+0) on March 15th with a 15-minute gap between each model.


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