Till now, we have heard of only two smartphones which were introduced with a 3D screen – HTC evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D (also called as LG Thrill 4G on AT&T carrier in the US). Both these phones have been introduced in 2011, since then there was lull in this particular category. These devices provided the users an experience wherein screen device will render 3D images and the user doesn’t have to wear the special glasses to watch the videos rendered in 3D.

VKworld_1According to recently published report, the VKWorld little known Chinese smartphone manufacturer is launching the Discovery S2 which will add one more name to the earlier mentioned list of smartphones which can render 3D images without the use of glasses. However talking about the specifications, it will be much similar to its predecessor’s Discovery S1. It features 5.5-inch 3D screen which is protected by a Gorilla Glass. However this time, VKWorld  has added the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the device which is not just an identification device but a feature technology which can be used to take pictures, navigate through them and can be used to control your favourite music being played on the device.

Discovery S2Featuring a metal body it is expected to be 0.1mm slimmer than Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus. Discovery S2 at waist will measure just 7.2mm. It is presumed to be launching at a price tag of US$ 299. We expect the issues which were reported earlier with such stereophonic phones wherein they complained about headaches and vision problems is sorted out as its almost 4 years and technology must have advanced too.


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