We earlier reported that Samsung’s flagship phablet the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to launch on August 12th with the aim of setting its foot firmly into the ground ahead of iPhone 6s’ launch in September. Like other upcoming device, the Galaxy Note 5 has had its fair share of specs leaks and so far we know the device will host an octa-core Exynos 7522 chipset with 4GB RAM and a Quad HD display.

Galaxy Note 5


Yesterday, we got our hands on the first 3D-render for the Galaxy Note 5 crafted using the CAD drawings of the device which gave us an insight into what to expect from the device. Finally though, we have our hands on the first visuals of the actual device courtesy of a leaker from the Czech republic who claims the device in the images is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 testbed. For those of you unaware of what testbeds are: it’s a prototype of the device with the same internal parts and software but the hardware is not the final design. So the leaked images are not the final design, but are similar to what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will look like upon being released, take a look:

In other news regarding the Galaxy Note 5, Ringke cases are already up for pre-order at Amazon and they point towards an interesting new feature for the S Pen. The renders indicate the S Pen is going to be attached to the surface with no means to pull it out like in previous Galaxy Note devices. The only method possible seems to be pushing the S Pen inwards making it pop out automatically. Samsung patented the auto-ejecting mechanism for the S pen and this could be just that feature coming into place as can be seen from the renders below. Another worthy addition to the S Pen is the functionality to edit and annotate PDF’s directly on the display– the feature dubbed as Write on PDF which was also recently patented by Samsung.

We are certain that whichever of these features the Galaxy Note 5 utilizes together with it’s rumored metal-and-glass outlook,it sure will have the premium phablet feel!



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