Yesterday in Vancouver, a virtual reality device developed by Vice named Rapture, was displayed by a TED event. The show was done in the form of a game located in an ancient temple, and those who tried it were thrilled at this latest form of entertainment. This is one of the very few events in the world where technology such as this have been showcased to the public.


Virtual Reality has taken centre stage in the tech world at the moment, thanks to the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift and the HTV Vive, both virtual reality devices that are coming at great prices that most people in the world are unlikely to be able to afford. However, events such as this one gives every user a taste of what can be expected from the technology.

In the present event, the game that is in question starts off at an ancient temple and proceeds through the solving of puzzles. It involves taking fire from a God and even fighting a giant snake! What is even more interesting, real objects, such as chairs and torches, had been placed in position in sync with the virtual reality in order to make it more realistic. The temple scene reminded many of a popular Indiana Jones movie.

TED, an education service that, in this case, was interested in acquainting the public with next generation electronics, made a great success of the event. It was also a great publicity for Vice, the maker of the virtual reality device in question.


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