Since the premiere declaration of ‘Vikings’ Season 5 was officially made, a plenty of spoilers started rolling over the web world. It is believed that the first episode of History Channel’s historical drama television series will open with Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye’s (played by David Lindström) funeral. The viewers had seen his brother Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh) taking his life by putting an axe on his abdomen after he was insulted in the finale of the previous season.

Vikings Season 5
Photo Source: Facebook/Vikings

A new ‘Vikings’ Season 5 teaser shows that Ivar the Boneless uttering –

‘I am sorry,’ which means he is apologetic but not fully. He continues saying to his brother shown in the teaser, “I know what you are all thinking, but it is not true… I swear to the gods and everything that is sacred that I never meant to kill him… Anger overcame me… I didn’t mean to kill him. He made me kill him.”

Ivar further adds that he had no intention to kill Sigurd. He blames his brother (Sigurd) who provoked him that ultimately ended his life. Since he was mocked and criticized in front of a large crowd, he lost his temper and forgot that Sigurd was his brother. Then Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) asks him what infuriated him, he (Ivar) cross-questions him what he would have done if his manhood was challenged. International Business Times Australia reported that Ubbe then grows silent and does not talk much about it.

Despite Ivar’s apology, he does not seem to be highly remorseful for accidentally killing Sigurd. He further does not seem to be highly concerned about the possibility of causing conflicts within his own family members.

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Vikings’ Season 5 on Wednesday, November 29 on History. Watch the new trailer below and stay tuned with MobiPicker to get the latest updates.


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