Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Ragnar’s Sons To Go Against Each Other | Release Date Not Revealed Yet

Vikings season 4 ended a few days ago, and fans are now eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The previous season was without any doubt, one of the best seasons of Vikings so far. The season was filled with action, which is the very reason why fans loved it. There are still a few months left until Vikings season 5 arrives, but in the meantime, many rumors regarding what will happen in it surfaced, thus giving an increase to its hype.

Vikings Season 5 Spoilers

Recently, it was reported that Vikings season 5 will focus on the aftermath of Ragnar’s death. It is said that his sons, the Lodbrok brothers will go on different missions, because of which they will face many difficulties. In addition to this, claiming their father’s throne is also going to become a problem for them, and it may even lead to them going against each other over for the throne.

Vikings Season 5

Vikings season 5 will feature what Ragnar’s sons are going to do. All of them are currently expected to go on their separate paths. Bjorn is expected to head towards Mediterranean, while Ubbe, Ivar, and Hvitserk are going to stay in their land to control and handle their father’s army. However, the three won’t be able to control the army like their father used to, so this will affect their rule over the army.

Ragnar’s Sons To Fight Each Other For The Throne In Vikings Season 5

On the other hand, Ragnar’s sons are currently expected to battle each other. It is said that each one of them will try to claim the throne, which will lead to them fighting each other. The creator of the show, Michael Hirst also revealed during an interview that a fight between the siblings will take place as soon as one of them tries to claim the throne.

Lagertha To Die In Vikings Season 5?

Avid fans of the series know that almost all of the important characters in the series are dying one after another. In Vikings season 5, another major character is expected to go down. The very Seer who previously predicted the death of Ragnar is currently seeing the death of Lagertha. According to the Seer, the person who will kill Lagertha will be one of the Lodbrok brothers. Rumor is that Ivar is going to be the one who will avenge her mother by killing Lagertha. So fans can definitely expect to see some thrilling moments in Vikings season 5.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date 

As for now, we currently don’t know exactly when the next season of Vikings will arrive, but the creator claimed that it might arrive after a few months as he is currently working on the final two episodes of Vikings season 5.

Let us know if you’re excited for Vikings season 5 or not in the comments below.

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