Vikings, the historical drama television series written and created by Michael Hirst for History channel, premiered in March 2013. Inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbork, one of the legendary Norse heroes, the show depicts Ragnar as a farmer rising to fame by successful raids into England and eventually becoming a Scandinavian king. In March 2015, Vikings was renewed for a fourth season and in March 2016, it was renewed by History channel for a fifth season of 20 episodes. So what does Vikings Season 5 have in store? Read on!

Vikings Season 5

‘Vikings’ Season 5 spoilers

It looks like Lagertha will find herself with a new ally. The arrival of a new character that goes by the name of King Angantyr has been teased and it’s highly probable that King Angantyr has ties with Lagertha and her son Bjorn Ironside. Rumors and speculations started pouring in when Katheryn Winnick posted a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #KingAngantyr. Katheryn also shared that she and real-life siblings will be featured in a scene together in the upcoming Vikings Season 5.

image source: Instagram

As history goes, there are three notable men of history by name Angantyr, whose stories share a common thread – the connection to a deadly sword called the Tyrfing. The sword has a bad reputation in the sense that whoever lays their eyes on it gets killed.

The first man – Angantyr the Berserker went to war and was killed in Uppsala. The deadly sword and all the dead men were buried on the Danish island of Samso but Angantyr’s ghost held on to Tyrfing, which then took the life of his grandson, Angantyr Hofundsson. But it looks like Winnick is actually referring to the third man bearing the King’s name – Angantyr Heidreksson, the great grandson of Angantyr the Berserker.

Vikings Season 5 release date

Although Vikings was renewed for Season 5 a year ago by History channel, no official announcement has been made about Vikings Season 5 release date. However, Vikings Season 5 is expected to come ‘later this year’, meaning we can expect the show to return in November.

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