Vikings season 4 left a lot of questions unanswered, and the next season will hopefully answer them. Recently, Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst held an AMA session on Reddit where he revealed some stuff about Ivar the Boneless

Vikings Season 5

Michael Hirst Talks About Ivar’s Evil Nature 

During the AMA session on Reddit, a fan asked Hirst about why Ivar the Boneless is evil, to which the creator replied by saying that he isn’t actually evil by nature. According to him, the thing which makes him evil is not his nature but is his current condition. The creator revealed that Ivar is suffering from the brittle bone syndrome, a disease because of which a person keeps on breaking his bones every day, and this makes the person angry.

“Well, he’s, in a way, not evil,” said Hirst. “He has brittle bone syndrome. It’s a terrible disease and what we’ve learned is [that] people suffering from this syndrome [are] at risk for breaking their bones every day, [and] they’re angry.”

Dealing with brittle bone syndrome is the very reason why Ivar has become what he is now. Hirst further revealed that Ivar always wants to stay ahead of everyone, and he wishes to be better than everyone, even his brothers. To do that, Ivar crosses his limits. “He knows that he was left outside to die by Ragnar, and he’s always trying to prove himself,” said Hirst while talking about Ivar. “He doesn’t recognize boundaries.”


Vikings Season 5 Release Date 

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Vikings season 5 is currently expected to arrive in November 2017. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.


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