With Viking season 4’s conclusion, rumors and spoilers regarding season 5 have already started surfacing. Recently, a new rumor surfaced which will definitely get you hyped up for the next season.

Lagertha To Get In Trouble In Vikings Season 5

Recently, it was reported that in Vikings season 5, Lagertha is going to get herself in deep trouble as she is going to face some new enemies who are going to claim her throne for themselves. Because of this, the shieldmaiden is said to hire someone to help her protect her claim on the throne. Currently, it is said that Margarethe will be joining Lagertha’s side and she will help her protect her position.

Vikings Season 5

The previous season took a sudden turn when Ragnar died. The series then started to focus on the lives of his sons. The next season will continue to focus on what they will do, but Lagertha is going to be someone who they will have to face soon. However, it seems that they aren’t going to be the only threat for Lagertha as there is someone else who might become a big problem for her soon. Harald, the person whose dream is to become the King of whole Norway, is said to become a threat for Lagertha. He currently wishes to claim the throne of Lagertha for himself, so they might come face to face soon.

Lagertha To Gather Some New Supporters In Vikings Season 5

To protect her throne, Lagertha will have to gather some people who will help her protect her reign over Kattegat. Margarethe is currently said to become her new shieldmaiden. Along with her, Torvi is also said to join Lagertha’s army.

legretha torvi

Vikings season 5 is expected to arrive in November 2017. Share your thoughts regarding the next season in the comments below.


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