Vikings season 4 ended a few weeks ago, and the next season is now in the works. Recently, it was rumored that Ivar might face some challenges other than those he will get from the newly introduced character, Heahmund.

Ivar To Be The Main Focus Of Vikings Season 5

Ivar is said to be the main focus of Vikings season 5. Countless rumors and reports have kind of confirmed how the character will survive in the next season. His murder of his older brother is said to become a really big problem for him and the rest of the Lothbrok sons. Ivar is also expected to go against Heahmund in the next season of Vikings.


Vikings Season 5

Ivar’s Thirst For Blood Grows In Vikings Season 5

Along with this, it is currently said that Ivar’s thirst for blood will continue to grow in The Vikings season 5. The conflict he previously had with his half-brother, Bjorn will escalate quickly in the next season. Lagertha is also expected to get killed by Ivar in the next season as he wants to avenge the death of his mother. So fans should definitely prepare themselves to see some thrilling moments.

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Vikings season 5 is currently expected to arrive in November 2017, but that will happen only if the network follows the nine-month release schedule of every season.


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