Vikings Season 5 Release Date Rumors: Episode 1 To Air In November? Ivar’s Guilt

Vikings season 4 ended at the start of this month, on February 1, and fans are now eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The previous season was a rather amazing one as it was filled with action. The death of Ragnar took the show to a whole new level. Recently, it was rumored that the first episode of Vikings season 5 might air in November 2017. Along with this, the next season is said to focus on what Ivar will now do as he has killed his brother.

Ivar To Not Move On So Easily 

In Vikings season 4, Ivar accidentally killed his brother, Sigurd. As he now has blood on his hands, fans are eagerly waiting to know whether his thirst to kill will increase or will fade away. According to the creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst, the next season will begin with Sigurd’s funeral. Ivar will be seen in tears and will claim that he never actually wanted to do it. However, the Lothbrok brothers won’t take this lightly and they will split up into different camps. So Ivar won’t be able to move on from what he did so easily.

The Lothbrok Brothers To Go Against Each Other In Vikings Season 5

Along with this, after his death, Ragnar left his throne behind, which is now ready to be claimed. However, Rangar’s sons are currently said to fight over the throne as each son will want to claim the throne for himself. This means that the brothers will go against each other in Vikings season 5. The creator of the show also claimed that a battle between the brothers will take place as soon as one of them tries to claim the throne. In some episodes of Viking season 4, Ivar and Bjorn Ironside were about to have a serious argument over something. However, things will escalate in the fifth season, so fans should prepare themselves for some thrilling moments.

Vikings Season 5

Lagertha Might Die In Vikings Season 5

In the previous seasons of Vikings, many important characters met their demise. After seeing the death of Ragnar, it’s easy to say that almost anyone can get killed in the series. In season 4, the Seer who predicted the death of Ragnar also predicted the death of Lagertha. The Seer claimed that she will get killed by one of the Lothbrok brothers. Ivar is currently expected to be the one who will kill Lagertha as he wants to avenge the death of his mother. As Lagertha survived in season 4, fans are currently eagerly waiting to know whether she will manage to survive in the next season or not.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 1 Release Date 

Vikings season 5 episode 1 is currently expected to arrive in November 2017. However, this will happen only if the network follows the nine-month break after every season. Even if the showrunners decide to air it after November, the next season will still arrive before this year ends as Alex Høgh Andersen himself claimed that the show will return later this year.

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