Ragnar’s death was one of the highlights of Vikings season 4. He was without any doubt, everyone’s favorite character and it was really shocking for fans to see his demise. And now, it seems that things will pick up the heat in the next season.

Vikings Season 5 Premiere To Be A Two-Hour Special 

Recently, during Vikings’ panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that the next season is going to arrive at the end of November. It was revealed that the premiere episode of the fifth season is going to be a two-hour special. According to the Senior Vice President for Scripted Program of History, Arturo Interian, after seeing the epic plans of Michael Hirst for the premiere episode, the cable network decided to extend the length of the first episode to two hours so that the story is properly told.

Vikings Season 5

Vikings Season 5 To Take The Show To A Whole New Level 

On the other hand, Vikings season 5 is going to take the show to a whole new level. Arturo Interian claimed that the next season is going to feature lands we have never ever seen in the series before. In addition to this, Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character, Bishop Heahmund, who was introduced in the previous season is going to have a really big role in the upcoming season. The next season will reportedly begin with Ivar the Boneless taking control over the Great Heathen Army. As Legertha, who is going to be the Queen of Kattegat, is going to get in his way of becoming the new king, Ivar is going to make sure she is dead.

Civil War To Take Place Between The Brothers In Vikings Season 5

Along with this, a new trailer of Vikings season 5 was also released during the San Diego Comic Con. The trailer revealed that a civil war will take place between the brothers in Kattegat. One of the reasons behind the civil war is going to be Sigurd’s death, who was killed by his own brother Ivar.


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