Nintendo Switch is a very popular hybrid video game console by Nintendo. With its massive success and the innovative hardware, most of the fans would love to have the Virtual Reality support for the console. However, it doesn’t seem a really good idea! Why wouldn’t it be a good idea for Nintendo Switch to have the VR support? Well, this is a question that pretty much seems mind boggling.

If you take a look at this new video, you probably wouldn’t want the Nintendo Switch to have a Virtual Reality support at all. Though Nintendo has been experimenting to bring VR to Nintendo Switch, they are not fully aware of its mass appeal.

Based on the research done by some fans, it turns out that not having the virtual Reality support will actually be a good thing for the Nintendo Switch.

Recently, a YouTuber named as Nintendrew made a new Nintendo Switch VR demo. The YouTuber used the Durovis Dive device and the hidden Nintendo Switch browser. The very complicated process of the Nintendo Switch VR demo was made on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The game was specifically designed to run on the Switch on each of its two halves.

However, the Nintendo Switch’s native resolution and the size of its display can only offer a 3D resolution which is about 500 pixels per eye. Similarly, jagged corners of the game will also be visible to the players while using the console for VR experience. Following is the YouTube video by Nintendrew.

The recently revealed lack of Virtual Reality support has already stifled the sales of Nintendo Switch. According to Nintendo, The Nintendo Switch has already surpassed it’s sales goals. It has shipped over 3.74 million units worldwide. Nintendo further revealed that the are expecting another 10 million unit sales in the next financial year.

Nintendo had previously estimated that the switch will sell 2 million consoles worldwide. However, the hybrid console has sold units more than the previously estimated figures. This makes sense and explains why it’s been so hard to find the stock these days.


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