The popular messaging app, Viber is soon going to come out for Windows 10 mobile. Even though the app hasn’t received a substantial update in the recent times, one of the users got a reply to his mail stating that a new version is in the making. They even said that the new version may include video calling feature as well. Windows Phone users were on the verge of losing hope, but this announcement has certainly made people happy.


The updated version of the app does not have an official release date. It is best to follow the developers of the app on Facebook or Twitter to get instant updates. According to Viber, they have some great news for the people that they will be pleased to here. It is rumored that along with video calling, a host of other features are also going to be included. There is no word on these new features and they will have to be left in the shadow, for now. Maybe in the coming weeks, there will be some revelations to what the new features will be like. All eyes are looking at MWC 2016, where an announcement is expected.

Viber recently announced that they are working on a universal app for Windows 10. But there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the universal app. Some rumors even suggested that the developers working behind the universal app dropped the project completely. As of now, Windows Phone users can have a sigh of relief as Viber will be coming soon to their phones.


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