Vertu, the brand that is attached to several high-quality smartphones being designed with luxurious and costly materials such as diamond, sapphire, crocodile’s leather etc. will invest heavily on the specs of their devices in the future to respond to the needs of the customers. And that effort is shown clearly in the specification of the new Vertu V06 released by the company.

vertu 06, design, image, specificationThe mobile device’s brand of Vertu has started to premiere a new phone under the name of Vertu V06. This is an Android-running smartphone that will have the capability to battle with all the high-tier smartphones in the market today.

According to recent information, the V06 will be designed with immensely powerful hardware including a Snapdragon 810 chipset, 4-gigabytes LPDDR4 RAM and will run on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Operating-System.

Of course, Snapdragon 810 has not at all a bright choice in 2015 for the problem of overheating that this chip brought to the devices that use it. However, there is still a factor that would get this problem out of the way. The customers of Vertu usually isn’t the type of people who would pose an interest on hardcore games or 3D apps, so probably the overheating problems that comes with the chipset wouldn’t affect them that much.

vertu 06, image, design, premium phone, specification, costly devicePowerful spec is the thing that anyone would’ve wanted to see on all the devices that is branded “Vertu”, but accompanying with that, no doubt, would be a “to-the-Sun-and-back” price. As of present, there hasn’t been any information released of the images and official price of the Vertu V06 but one thing for certain, is that this version will not be priced lower than 5000 Euros. And that neck-splitting number you’ve just seen is, frankly, the lowest price possible for a normal Vertu device.

Like they said: “Perfection comes with a price”. We hope we will know how high the price would be and will the price is worth the comfort you are getting?


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