The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not among the devices hitting the news these days. However, it is still a worthy device, explaining why Verizon still rolls out its updates. A recent update from Verizon for the Galaxy S6 focuses on Wi-Fi and HD calling.

galaxy s6 news updates

Verizon announced the new software upgrade for the device only recently. The US-based carrier claims that the software updated has been tested and proven to optimise the device performance. The focus was on several known bugs and some of the latest security update.

Verizon Wireless advises that ensure your Galaxy S6 is fully charged before commencing the software update. Also, carry out the update with your device connected to Wi-Fi or strong Verizon Wireless network. Visit this Verizon page, if you encounter problems or need assistance.

The following is the full change log for the update mentioned above;

  • Fewer dropped Wi-Fi voice calls
  • Video calls using a cellular network will start with a pop-up reminder that you’ll be using data
  • Ensures you can only make HD Voice Calls when connected to the 4G LTE network
  • Improvements to HD Voice Call volume
  • You can now register for Voice over Wi-Fi calling when roaming


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