The Vampire Diaries, the very famous American supernatural drama was renewed for the eighth season in March 2016. CW has also announced that the season will be the last of the series and will consist of 16 episodes. Season 8 premiered in October 2016 with “Hello brother”, followed by “Today Will Be Different”. Episode 12 “What Are You” was telecast on February 10 last week and showed Stefan being arrested following his transition back into a human. Caroline managed to compel the police of his innocence. Bonnie is left devastated about Enzo’s death. The episode ends with Damon and Alaric making plans to kill Cade, when Kai mysteriously walks in and says he has a better idea.

The Vampire Diaries S08E13 Spoilers: Bonnie In Trouble; Kai And Katherine To Return?

The spoilers for episode 13 of Season 8 reveal that Damon and Alaric will acquire a weapon capable of destroying Cade. The promo for episode 13 shows Kai smiling maniacally when Damon asks him “How the hell are you here?”. He responds by saying that he’ll help them kill Cade. However, Alaric believes that the duo can kill Cade without Kai’s help and starts to attack him. When Kai offers to bring back Elena, Damon agrees without any hesitation and strikes a deal with Kai.
The spoilers also talk about Bonnie getting into trouble due to Cade and reveals Stefan will be imprisoned by an unusual acquaintance, forcing him to face his troublesome past. Speculations hint at Katherine being the acquaintance. Caroline and Matt will attempt to keep Stefan’s violent past from destroying him while Cade will focus on digging deep into Bonnie’s mind.

Episode 13 of Season 8 titled The Lies Will Catch Up To You will air on The CW on Feb 17 at 8 pm EST. Meanwhile, watch the extended promo for the upcoming episode –


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