Big changes are coming to the CS:GO gambling scene. Furthermore, Washington State Gambling Commission says Valve could face criminal penalties if it doesn’t do anything about it. Consequently, with the way players are able to use their skins on third party websites has impacted the game a lot. Also it has garnered a lot of negative reaction from the community and general public.

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Valve could face criminal charges if it doesn’t do anything about the illegal skin gambling

Recently, there’s been some controversy with betting and CS:GO gambling websites. Valve has sent a cease and desist order to nearly 40 such sites. However, it doesn’t appear to have so much of an impact. Because Washington State Gambling Commission is still threatening Valve with a lawsuit.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi recently issued a statement saying they have no connection to the illegal skin gambling scene whatsoever.

“The Washington State Gambling Commission has notified Valve Corporation. It must immediately stop allowing the transfer of virtual weapons known as “skins” for gambling activities.

The Gambling Commission contacted Valve Corporation in February 2016 regarding its Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) video game. Furthermore, players ability to use “skins” in online gambling activities is contrary to state gambling laws. At the time, the Gambling Commission attempt to learn about Valve’s operation of “skins” on its Steam Platform.

Since February 2016, “skins” continue to be used as consideration for illegal gambling activities on third party websites. “Skins” transactions are usually facilitated within Valve Corporation’s Steam Platform. All third party gambling sites have Steam accounts and use the Steam platform to conduct their gambling transactions. These gambling transactions are automated and performed by a software program or “bot”. Furthermore, they have proliferated so much that a recent market report by Esports Betting Report indicates that one specific gambling website, CSGO Lounge, brought in approximately $1 billion in “skin” gambling between January 1st and, August 1st this year alone.”

You can read the full WSGC report too. Let us know what you think about this. Do you think its fair that Valve is being targeted for something they have no connection with or are unable to control? Let us know in the comments.


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