Amiibo or also stylized as amiibo is a Nintendo’s Wireless Communications and Storage Protocol. It is widely used with Nintendo’s Consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS for compatible toys-to-life figurines. As a useful tool, Amiibo is also usable with Zelda: Breath of the wild for a lot of similar purposes. However, for some unknown reasons, Zelda: Breath of the Wild keeps on hiding Amiibo’s use. As Nintendo’s pro users, you might already know it all but using Amiibo with Switch is quite a challenging task. In case if you are a beginner, you might be facing a hard time figuring out how to use Amiibo with your Nintendo Switch. As the option for using Amiibo with the console is turned off by default and there is no other way to use it, you might find this guide quite helpful.

Keep in mind what amiibo’s use is sometimes compared to what you can call Cheats that offer ways in which the game gets easier for the novice players. It also lets you have some of the high-end gear and items that you might find difficult to acquire otherwise.

In case if you don’t care about that and you love including Amiibo to your games routine, you must do it. But, to use amiibo to your Nintendo console, you must know how to properly initiate it on the console.

Well, all you got to do is to turn on your console by hitting the start, after that, head to the System Screen. Once there, hit the Options at the far right of your screen and Turn on Amiibo by selecting the very first option. You will now see an Amiibo option appearing as a rune. Now you can press the D-pad and access it fully to acquire stuff such as bombs, Magnesis, Stasis and all the other great things. After activating the Amiibo, you’ll find a rune circle on the screen, this circle is where all the bonuses will appear. This could be any place in the game world, so it’s better to do it in a recognized and safe place.

The Use of Amiibo in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Each and every Amiibo has its own significance in the game. Some of them are tested thoroughly and we’ve picked them up for you. Let’s have a look at various Amiibo figurines and their possible uses in Zelda; Breath of the Wild.

1. Breath of the Wild: Archer Link

Archer Link Amiibo drops rare types of Bow weapons for you along with Food and a number of other great materials.

2. Breath of the Wild: Horse Rider Link

Horse Rider Link figurine Amiibo drops a uniquely build Horse Saddle, Food, and some high-end weapons.

3. Breath of the Wild: Zelda

Zelda Amiibo drops a Chest filled with a number of useful tools. These tools include Hyrule Shield and some Plants that you can cook and eat.

4. Breath of the Wild: Guardian

Guardian Amiibo also drops a chest for you. This chest is filled up with Rare Weapons and Items, Chance for Ancient Arrows, Super-Powerful Arrows, and Food.

5. Breath of the Wild: Bokoblin

Bokoblin also drops a chest for you that contains High-power and Club-esque weapons, Meat and other Food items.

6. Super Smash Bros. Link

Super Smash Bros. Link Amiibo lets you scan for various types of items such as Link’s Horse from Ocarina of Time, various Food items, and a Chest. The Chest contains pieces of Link’s Twilight Princess Costume and a number of random weapons.

7. Twilight Princess Wolf Link

This special Amiibo spawns Wolf Link character with your original character. This Wolf Link fights beside you against the enemies. It also helps determine the amount of damage link gets as the result of a brawl with the enemies.

8. 8-bit Link

8-Bit Link Amiibo offers a bunch of barrels that you can smash to earn some food and rupees. This Amiibo also drops a chest that offers a piece of Link’s Tunic and Weapons.

9. Ocarina of Time Link

This amiibo when scanned provides with an Iconic version of Link. It also drops some raw meat, and a chest that contains a piece of Link’s costume from the OOT-era, Biggoron Sword, and a Sea-breeze Boomerang and a number of other weapons and stuff.

10. Wind Walker Link

Smash Bros. “Toon Link” or the Official Wind Walker Amiibo both work with this one fine. They both drop a good amount of Fish, Sea-breeze Boomerang, and a Chest that offers a piece of Wind Walker Armor.

11. Wind Walker Zelda

Wind Walker Zelda Amiibo drops a number of various plants to cook, a Hero’s Shield from Wind Walker, and a Chest that contains a Shield.

12. Smash Bros. Zelda / Shiek

Similar to Wind Walker Zelda, The Smash Bros. Zelda and Shiek Amiibo drops a bunch of different materials for cooking and crafting purposes. It also drops a Chest with a number of Rare Weapons, Shiek mask (drops it sometimes) from Shiek and a Twilight Bow from Zelda amiibo.

13. Smash Bros. Ganondorf

Smash Bros. Ganondorf Amiibo drops a bunch of different materials for the cooking and crafting purposes. It drops a Chest as well that offers various rare Weapons such as the Amiibo-exclusive Sword of the Six Stages.

Follow Up:

The total number of Amiibo is about 130. We’ve selected some of the major ones for you. We’ll add more soon after getting to know them properly ourselves. Please note that all 130 of the Amiibo can only be used once in a day, so be selective while using them. This way you’ll have more impact on the progress you’ll make in the game. If you find these Amiibo helpful, do let us know about your experiences with them. We’ll be happy to know about that.


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