Who will be the next POTUS – The President of The United States? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? We are sure this is the million dollar question everybody has on their minds right now. As the United States gears up to elect its next President today, Google wants to be your source of information on the next POTUS. Google has everything set up to update you every 30 seconds with the latest information so that you don’t miss anything.


So far, Google has been at the forefront when it comes to keeping US citizens and literally every other nation’s citizens up-to-date with one of the most important elections in the world. It has been offering a range of tools in its search results, specifically listing details about voter registration guides and polling place details. And now Google wants to offer the latest US election results news by directly displaying the election results in search results. We know there are a lot of “results” in that sentence, but that in itself underlines the importance of the event taking place today – Election Results in Search Results – updated every 30 seconds – that’s what Google’s got for you!

Who will win trump or clinton

Google will display all relevant information in a visually rich format, so as to allow viewers to easily grasp the status. Republicans will be shown in Red and Democrats in blue accompanied by graphs and numbers. That makes things a whole lot simpler. You don’t have to head to one of those hundred websites to know about election results. All you now need to do is search for “election results” and Google search results should instantly show the current status of results, including detailed information on Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Congressional elections. The search results will also include more info on the number of seats available, how many votes are needed by the candidate to seal the victory and other details. Just to make sure that you don’t miss out on any important updates, Google will update the results every 30 seconds. Not just that, you can also keep tabs on various elections – President, House and Senate – by simply switching the tabs on the top.

YouTube isn’t going to be left behind. It will live stream election results coverage from major news organizations. You can tune in to your favorite live news coverage – including NBC, Bloomberg, PBS, The Young Turks, Telemundo – to know about the latest in election results.

With all the technology and Google assistance this time, the 2016 Presidential Elections will probably be the most watched event of all time! Who Will Win Trump Or Clinton? Fingers crossed!


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