As we already know, HTC is hosting an event on September 29, and will unveil the eagerly awaited HTC One A9 (a.k.a HTC Aero). However, according to a latest tweet from @LlabTooFeR, there is more behind the curtains that will be showcased at the same event.

The tweet says that people can expect to see an upgraded HTC One M9+, as well as the HTC Butterfly 3. That is pretty much new info since we haven’t heard anything about a brand new HTC Butterfly mobile or an upgraded One M9+ (code-named Hima_Ultra_R1).

The source further claims that the Butterfly 3 is going to be exclusive to the Chinese marketplace while the updated One M9+ will be released globally. We can not be sure whether they’re entirely new devices or if any of these smartphones overlap the ones we’ve heard about so far. However, given to the naming scheme, these might be different handsets from the HTC One A9.

Undoubtedly @LlabTooFer has leaked a number of devices in the past, but it will be wise to take this tweet with a grain of salt until the official announcement. We will update you with all the details on September 29; stay tuned!


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