After hearing a lot of pleas from users all over, Microsoft finally released a firmware update for Microsoft Surface Book and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for fixing long-time sleep issues. The update started rolling out on the 17th of February and it addressed the problem beautifully. But, guess what, the update has brought with it, a host of other issues that need to be looked into. Reports are flooding the Microsoft Community Forum with the new found issues and it has been confirmed by the people who’ve downloaded the new update.

Surface Kochi

The screen has a flickering problem and this is probably because of bad drivers. Maybe Microsoft rushed with the update and forgot to include something important. Whatever the case may be, the only solution now is to install an older driver which will fix this issue, but the sleep problems will prevail. Some users at the forum have also suggested installing beta drivers which will help. But this option is highly recommended for experienced users and not for people who are afraid to do a bit of tinkering.

The firmware update has also broken down the Windows Hello feature which helps users sign-in to their device with facial recognition. The camera for the app gives out a message that it is waking up, but actually never wakes up. Users are forced to sign in with a PIN. Going by the reports, the new firmware update has done more bad than good and hopefully Microsoft will sort out things fast before it gets out of hand.


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