While Cortana for Android is in the middle of beta testing, Microsoft has upgraded the program to variation Now with the new update, Android users can choose the Cortana as their default assistant, replacing Google. In the event you are an Android user and summon Google Now by holding the home button, it is possible to alter things so that Cortana appears instead.

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There’s absolutely no word on when the final build of Cortana is going to be prepared to move out of beta, and make its place to the Google Play Store where it can be installed with just single click. If you are considering the beta version of Cortana, you can download and install it here.

Take into account that Android users will soon have the ability to yell “Hey Cortana!” in the top of their lungs with no answer from the ol’ gal. That is due to the difference in hardware between an Android handset and a Windows Phone. After the beta testing finishes, a lot of the characteristics that Windows Mobile users adore about Cortana is going to be open to Android users.


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