Our Until Dawn Rush of Blood preview will take a look at how PSVR has dramatically changed the game. You will be at the edge of your seat at all times once you start playing this game. If you were terrified of the original game, then now you will get a heartache. Until Dawn Rush of Blood preview shows how PSVR or indeed any VR device can change a game dramatically. Here’s 5 reasons why getting chased by a psycho killer and ultimately getting slaughtered in the first person VR is going to make your gameplay experience a lot more terrifying.

until dawn rush of blood preview
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Until Dawn Rush of Blood Preview – It’s a rail shooter

You hold a flashlight in one hand and shoot enemies with a pistol in the other hand. There will be more than one enemy/ killer on the screen. So be on your guard.

until dawn rush of blood preview
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Expect a lot of gore and terrifying imagery

The roller coaster ride is going to be spine-chilling and disgusting. It will mash together two main aspects of horror, fear of the unknown and a feeling of dread. All that from a first person VR perspective.

There will be scary hallucinations/ jump scares every so often

There will be regular jump scares in the form of hallucinations. They won’t damage you but will try to frighten you and throw you off guard.

Dodge obstacles by bending around

Some segments of the game involve the rail ride going really fast. You’ll have to avoid the incoming barriers by bending your body left and right and even downward. Stuff like this will add variety to the game after lengthy shooting portions.

You won’t be alone in the roller coaster ride

Dan.T. will accompany you through the ride as some form of announces like the ones in circus and freak shows. No specific details about him have been revealed yet except that he is voiced by the co-creator of the game.

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