Unreal Engine 4 games look amazing. But will Nintendo push graphics on the Nintendo Switch and use the Unreal Engine 4 on the system on max out settings to compare along with the Standard PS4 and Xbox one? A lot of people want to get a Nintendo Switch. However, we doubt Nintendo would or could make Pokemon battles look that good using UE4. Maybe the in-game cutscenes. Pokemon, with the exception of Pokemon Battle Revolution, was never a graphical powerhouse. We can see them creating Mario, Zelda, Starfox (going back to the classics). And especially a Metroid Prime with these graphics or better. We would like another OOT as well or they team up with Sega and remaster NiGHTS with the Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal engine 4

How well would Unreal Engine 4 games run on the Nintendo Switch?

There is no way that the switch could pull off these visuals. The engine is available but that doesn’t mean that the games will look this good on it. The switch isn’t particularly powerfull. So they would have to make some sacrifices in terms of visuals to keep it at a playable framerate. They would probably be forced to turn down the lightning quality. And other options like resolution or shadows or even the amount of polygons. The PC that renders UE4 demos is astronomically more powerfull than the switch will be.

Running those kinds of graphics smoothly requires at least a GTX 960. PC elites might consider that crappy. But that’s still 2 times more powerful than the Nintendo Switch will be. Only talking about GPU, nevermind your CPU and other components.

It was already analyzed by the folks over at digital foundry. The clock speeds of the rumored Switch GPU are low. It uses a CPU that was made for mobile use. And the GPU isn’t particularly good either. It’s definitely underneath a Xbox One in terms of raw power. A GTX 960 is already way more power than the Xbox One and PS4. We just don’t want people to get their hopes up and be disappointed when it releases.

Source: TweakTown


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