A comparison video between the PS4 and PS4 Pro version of Uncharted 4 was revealed and the difference is quite clear. The image looks so much sharper and realistic on the ps4 pro. And the cobblestones look way cleaner and sharper and real.

uncharted 4
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Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro vs PS4

To all you thinking the PS4 version looks better or it doesn’t look any different it is most likely due to the fact the video is in 1080p whereas the PS4 Pro version will be a higher resolution. It also is a game that came out a lot earlier this year and therefore was not originally designed and created for the PS4 Pros improvements. You might also not be watching in HDR. It obviously will look better if you were viewing this gameplay on a PS4 Pro in person on a 4K HDR TV but maybe not as much better as a new game coming out that will support.

The frame rate is kind of up to the developer, it’s not determined by the console. Look at Uncharted 4 multiplayer for example. They were able to get a solid 60fps even with old PS4 hardware by making a few concessions. It comes down to whether the devs want to focus purely on visual fidelity or prioritize frame rate. Unfortunately, 60fps just isn’t as demanded as pretty graphics, except for maybe twitch shooters or racing sims.

1080p 60 fps or 4K 30 fps?

On consoles games are locked at 30, meaning even if the hardware is capable enough to run games at 1080/60 you still won’t actually be able to do it. PS4 Pro is the perfect example of this, and so far only 2 devs have been willing to go back and unlock 60fps for their games.

Compared to 30 fps, 60 is more fluid to the eye and gives a much more realistic sense of motion for what’s happening on the screen. If we were to let you play a game at 1440p 60fps, then let you switch to 4k 30fps, your first response would be “how come the latter seems to run so slow”. Once your eyes get used to 60fps playing games at 30 becomes somewhat unbearable. Imagine watching a movie in slow motion. The difference in resolution is a lot less noticeable in that regard unless you make a big jump like playing at 800×600 and then switch to 1920×1080.

Let us know your thoughts on this Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro footage.


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