One of two early offerings from Naughty Dog to support PS4 Pro, Uncharted 4 comes in at around 2560×1440 on the new machine. This is in single player mode – an increase over the 1080p of the standard PS4. Meanwhile, the multiplayer portion gets its own boost from 900p on original hardware to a full 1080p on PS4 Pro. But is the Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro worth it?

uncharted 4 ps4 pro
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Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro still faces framerate issues

As for performance, the campaign is still capped to 30fps – which is generally solid on PS4 Pro. However, we do see dips to 25fps in precisely the same spots as the original hardware (as caused by alpha effects and physics interplay). Multiplayer impressions are very positive on the other hand: a faultless 60 fps so far, where we could see dips on the standard PS4.

Most people generally don’t care about resolution but 24fps dips are a joke and unacceptable. Generally, players don’t care how much it costs. If you can’t make it a stable 30fps SOLID then the new resolution is simply useless.

They are too concerned with 4k when they should be looking for a more balanced experience. Devs need to use these mid-gen refresh set of consoles to provide a 1080P 60 FPS experience. Even 50 fps is okay but 30 is just too low and it needs to be a thing of the past. The funny thing is these pretty 4k games can barely do 30fps. Anything under 30fps is damn near unplayable nowadays.

4K isn’t the be all end all. Yes, it looks great, but honestly, 1440p looks good and smooth 60fps all the time is far more important and cinematic. The improvements that will be made to anti-aliasing and the texture upgrades along with ambient occlusion will be way more noticeable than simply using the same settings (medium textures plus no AA, no low ambient occlusion) at 4k. Have you seen how ugly the aliasing is on bloodborne at 30fps? However, at 4k there is little to no aliasing because the pixels are so small. Anyways let us know what you think of Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro.


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