UMI Iron Pro, touted as the most secure Android phone in the world, has been launched already. UMI is leaving no stones unturned to promote the device, and the company has started offering giveaways for the smartphone, one of which is hosted on our site. However, the company’s latest promotional technique to increase the popularity of the phone has broken all boundaries. Remember how OUKITEL proves the strength of its phones by trying to break or smash them? Well, UMI is trying to promote the Iron Pro by breaking phones of other manufacturers.

umi iron pro

Yes, you heard it right! In a latest promotional contest, UMI is offering free UMI Iron Pro smartphones to 10 lucky people who will smash their Elephone P8000 smartphones and will upload a video of the same. This move by UMI seems to directly target Elephone, and this might be the start of a cold war between the two companies. Considering the fact that both the OEMs are pretty new to the global smartphone market, this marketing technique may make or break Elephone’s public image and might boost UMI’s sales. Elephone hasn’t made a statement so far about this humdrum.

So if you own an Elephone P8000, you can try your luck at winning the UMI Iron Pro. Just record yourself smashing your Elephone P8000 and share the video with the guys at UMI. You might get a free Iron Pro. And for those who don’t win the free smartphone, you will still get an exclusive 50% discount on the UMI Iron Pro. Any breakers?! We mean, any takers?


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