Those Awesome Guys released their party game Move or Die in January this year and since then its popularity has been growing continuously.

Move or Die is a very innovative game and as the name suggests if you stay still you die. This game has been basically designed to add fun to the parties and you can enjoy it with your friends and college buddies over a jug of beer.

Co-creator of this game, Nicolae Berbec says that, “Move or Die is the game you know how to play if you know its name, it’s a four player party game that ruins friendships, and the rules change every 20 seconds.”

The game is very fast paced and creates an environment of frenzy. There are already many party games out there, but the concept behind Move or Die is to bring all those games under one umbrella and create a competitive environment for you and your friends to compete against each other over ‘stupid’ albeit very interesting games. This game has the potential to add life to any party and can attract almost anyone.

move or die

Berbec further said jokingly, “Especially when you’re drunk,” and he’s rather right because the game is, even more, fun when you’re a bit tipsy. This game is meant to keep the party going on and it is so easy that almost anyone can play it.

The developers at Those Awesome Guys seem determined to keep the party alive and going on and this is the reason why they have been pushing new content regularly.

“Move or Die is a game that keeps evolving, specifically because of its structure. It allows more and more content.”, said Berbec.

The latest update of the game has brought many amazing new features like adding ‘mutators’ to the game which allows few users to pick up any special ability like double jumps or jetpacks and this impacts everyone who’s playing that round. Berbec has also promised that team is working on to bring updates to the current game modes and bring in new characters. The fast growing community of this game is also providing substantial input to make changes in the game.

Many mods have already been developed by the players to customize the characters ranging from unique avatars to licensed icons. This is good news for the Those Awesome Guys as this shows that the fan base is increasing swiftly and this would encourage them to develop further content for this very game.

On being asked whether Those Awesome Guys were planning to develop the next title, Berbec said, “Right now we’re focusing on Move or Die because we want to keep it updated, we don’t really have any plans for a specific title. For now, it’s Move or Die.”

So don’t forget to have this amazing game whenever you throw a party next time.