Ulefone is comparatively very new in Chinese Smartphone market. But even in this very short period of time, it has left some great imprints in the market.

The latest effort in this venture is it’s all new smartphone Ulefone Future and it seems that they have really got the name right spot on. It indeed is a futuristic phone and what makes it futuristic is a truly bezel-less display.


We don’t know much about the device yet except for the fact that it will have a 5.5-inch display with a 2.5D curved glass on the top. A YouTube video (collection of photographs to be precise) showing the engineering prototype of this device has been already doing rounds. Though the device shown in the video has some bezel but the company has promised that the retail units will be completely bezel-less.

A bezel-less phone may have pose many problems and Ulefone seems to be well aware of these and they are endeavoring very hard to make appropriate changes in the device so that these issues don’t crop up.

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