UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings aren’t new, but the recently cited huge and triangular UFO in Columbus, Ohio is grabbing special attention from curious minds.

The Witness description of the UFO

The alleged UFO was spotted on November 29, 2016, by the witness while driving on Highway 2-75. Mutual UFO Network reported that the UFO was described as a cylindrical-like ship with white, green, and red lights by the witness. As the UFO came close to the witness, its triangular shape started to take form.

According to the eyewitness, the UFO was gigantic in size with a triangular shape. Other details revealed blackish-grey color with red lights. The user also spotted white lights on the corners of the triangular-shaped UFO. Initially, he thought it was an airplane that was crashing, but as the object came closer, he knew it wasn’t a plane and something else.

image source: mirror
image source: mirror (representation only)

The reason this UFO sighting is gathering so much attention is the close vicinity with the other UFO sightings in the past. There were reports of UFO sighting in Reno, Nevada earlier, which is pretty close to Columbus, Ohio, specifically the Patterson Air Force Base. Since the locations are close to military base, it’s quite natural to suspect that the said spotting could be an UFO.

Hanger 18 and other similar incidents

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is alleged to be the home of “Hanger 18” and is allegedly housing UFO wreckage and a possible operable spacecraft. So queries about the Air Force Base being something more than what it seems have started to appear.

A similar UFO citing was reported in Los Angeles, California. All these citings have quite a similar description of the UFO with triangular shape and lights, as reported by Inquisitr.

Do let us know what you make of these UFO citings in the comments section below. Are they real or the Air Base is up to something?


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